For anyone wondering if there are any pets on premise, the answer is YES.

Our dog Skeeter is a Standard Poodle, a German breed that has been around for centuries. 

Poodles are known to be a hypo-allergenic and don't shed.  Famous for being a real social guy,

Skeeter is great with children and loves to perform tricks and is guilty of loving the pleasure of

a good scratch behind his ears or on his hips.  If you're looking for a true friend, a companion while watching or curling up to a good book- look no further!  I must say, he's a wonderful listener, as well.



We adopted Skeeter from the NEADS program in Princeton, MA.  This is a program for

children with disabilities who need a companion at all times. Skeeter was trained as a working dog, thus the reason he is a real "Leaner"- yes he leans on you to assure you he's there for you, just as he was traine to do. To Vienna's good fortune, he was unable to resist cats, squirells, small rodents (love's to chase the chipmunks in the woods), leaves, bees, thus suffering from attention deficit disorder.  Yes, even dogs can suffer!  So please, don't mention it to him, he's not aware he flunked out of the program, he thinks every one who comes here, just needs his help!


If you're afraid of dogs or just don't want him around, please don't hesitate to let us know.