Room Rates for 2008/2009

Blumenzimmer Guest Suite (1st level)

Our quietest room in the house

2-Room suite with Queen bed, charming sitting room with love seat & table, full private bath

$145 - 165* Residential/Corporate Customers

$175 - 200*  Depending on season/groups/foliage

Kirchenzimmer Suite (3rd level)

This room can sleep the MOST guests if need

2- Room suite (650 sq ft.)

1 Queen bed, 1 twin in same room w/large separate private living room sporting a pull out leather couch and full private bath can easily accommodate up to 5 guests comfortably. 

$150 - 170*  Residential/Corporate Customers

$175 - 210*  Depending on season/groups/foliage

Freudzimmer Suite (3rd level)

Just a note: This is a maturely decorated room since it does contain nude artwork by renowned artist Andrew Wyeth

2- Room suite

1 Queen bed, 1 twin in a separate room w/leather couch and full private bath can easily accommodate up to 3-4 guests comfortably.

$145 - 165*  Residential/Corporate

$175 - 210*  Depending on season/groups/foliage

Königzimmer Suite

This is our only room with a King-size bed

This 2- Room suite offers a large separate private living room with an incredibly comfortable leather couch, small dining table and a full private bath

$145 - 165*  Residential/Corporate

$190 - 245*  Depending on season/groups/foliage

Sitzungzimmer Suite

This room offers a private dining room separate from the bedroom suite for entertaining guests or just enjoying dinner with friends in  a more relaxed atmosphere.

This 2- Room suite (1 Queen bed & 1 Twin bed) also offers a separate private living room with with a camelback couch, large dining table and a full private bath

This is only available during our high seasons

$190 - 245*  Depending on season/groups/foliage


For more than 2 guests per room a charge of $ 40 pp( adults) children $25 pp includes additional bedding if needed, our full package offered to all guests of a full gourmet breakfast, hors d'Oeuvres & a cocktail on your arrival.

There is a 2-night minimum during SOME holiday weekends - Please inquire