Our Viennese Desserts are all made from scratch and use real butter creme

as well granulated beet sugar for a softer sweetness and balance of flavors

Check below for some just a few of our special tortes.


Cherry Marzipan

Multiple layers of butter crème & crushed Maraschino cherries between a dense cherry cake, encased in Marzipan

Cherry Marzipan Torte

Marzipan – A confectioner’s mixture of Almond paste, egg whites and beet

sugar blended to make a smooth

paste rolled into thin sheets


Germaine Chocolate Cake

Dark chocolate cake with ganache layers and a brown sugar & coconut frosting between each cake layer

German Chocolate or Germain Chocolate Cake

American named Sam "Germain" In 1852, created the mild dark baking chocolate bar for Baker's Chocolate Company - It's not Austrian, but still one of my favorites!

"Emperor's" Torte

Flourless Chocolate

Dense dark chocolate torte with

just a hint of espresso.  A creamy & rich

torte, yet not overly sweet.

This torte is Gluten-free

Black Forest Torte

Schwarzwälder Kirsch Torte

Two- layers of a dark, chocolate cake with alternating butter crème, and Kirch liquor with chocolate mousse & cherry layers


Apple Strudle

An Austrian tradition of sliced apples & raisins soaked in rum & our Viennese schnapps, brushed with butter in a crispy phyllo crust .  Served with sauce an glace and freshly whipped crème


Hazelnut Torte

Multiple layers of butter crème & crushed Hazelnuts between a dense Hazelnut cake and drizzled with chocolate lace

Hazelnut Torte